Trueno Drive/Delay

$100.00 / Sold Out

- Power: 9V center-negative power supply
- Input Impedance: 1MΩ
- Output Impedance: 1KΩ
- True Bypass Soft-touch Switching
- Top mounted jacks
- Handmade in Niles Illinois


The AE86 is the automotive centerpiece of the 90's anime series Initial D and all-around a legend of a car. The Trueno is a power amp style distortion with an active mid boost and hi-cut. The tone is very reminiscent of 90's rock. The second half is a straight forward digital delay with a clean boost which comes in handy for solos. The Feedback control has been fine tuned to reach the edge of oscillation at it's limit and will never spiral out of control. To top it all off, the LEDs are headlights!


Gain - Increases distortion
Level - Volume for the drive section
Tone - Boost/Cut at 1KHz
Hi-Cut - Trims high end when turned counter-clockwise
FDBK - Increases number of repeats
Time - Increases delay time
Boost - Adjustable 20dB boost/volume for the delay. Affects the dry and delayed signal
Mix - increases the level of delayed signal