Hello, My name is Tim Nowak and I am the owner of Bardic Audio Devices. I am a graduate of Western Michigan University with a Bachelor's of engineering in Electrical Engineering. Throughout college, I learned to understand the difficulties life can throw and how expensive pedals can be when working a minimum wage job and paying for tuition. Because of that, I price my pedals at a cost anyone can afford. This does not affect the quality of my products. I use high quality components in every device in order to ensure exemplary performance and minimum noise (the bad kind). 

I am also a bass player, so I design my pedals to play great with bass. That doesn't mean they suck on guitar though. No matter what strings you use, These pedals are guaranteed to shake your house!

I am also and avid D&D nerd so that tends to be the theme of my pedals. 

I do accept custom work as well. My rates for custom pedals are usually $200-$300 depending on complexity and part costs. The reason it costs more than my standard pedals is because these take a lot more time to make per pedal. I have to create a new schematic, board layout, and custom graphics. It takes 4 - 5 weeks for a custom to be completed and I work with the customer through the whole process. If you're interested in a one of a kind noise machine, feel free to contact me on instagram, facebook, or through email.