Thunderclap v3

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- Power: ONLY 9V center-negative power supply
- Input Impedance: 1MΩ
- Output Impedance: 1K Ω
- Buffered Bypass
- Soft-touch silent switching
- Top mounted jacks
- Handmade in Michigan

The Thunderclap is the perfect pedal to offer bassists (even guitarists) powerful eq sculpting and an excellent distortion all in one package. The clean preamp is capable of a 20dB boost with +/-15dB active bass and treble controls. In parallel with this preamp, is an aggressive distortion/overdrive with standard gain, tone, and level controls. The Dirt Mode switches between a distortion and overdrive for the dirt signal. This prepares the Thunderclap to work for any style of music. Together, the preamp and distortion give your instrument a wide variety of tones to choose from. It makes it really easy to keep a heavy bottom end while also enjoy the crisp tones of the Distortion on top. At the end of the chain are two midrange eq switches that can boost and cut custom tailored eq bands. In addition to all of this, the Thunderclap also boasts a balanced direct out so it's also a great tool for the studio or an amp less rig!
- Bass: Active bass eq with +/15dB of gain
- Treble: Active treble eq with +/15dB of gain
- Preamp: Clean Preamp volume with 20dB of clean boost
- Gain: Gain control of the dirt circuit
- Tone: Rat style tone control, counterclockwise allows more high end to
pass through.
- Dirt: Volume control for the dirt circuit
- Low Mid: Active low mid eq with +/15dB of gain
- High Mid: Active high mid eq with +/15dB of gain
- Mode: Changes dirt from high gain distortion to a subtle overdrive