The Thing

$150.00 / On Sale

- Power: 9V center-negative power supply
- Input Impedance: 1MΩ
- Output Impedance: 100Ω
- Mechanical True Bypass Switching
- Top mounted jacks
- Current Draw: 50mA


The Thing is a monstrous collaboration between Dirty Haggard Audio and Bardic Audio Devices. Inside this thing is an acidic fuzz ready to melt faces and a phaser + eq that can make it all an otherworldly experience. The phaser has two channels; one two stage and the other 4 stage. The low and hi eq controls have two controlled frequencies at 85 and 155, and 870 and 2.2K Hertz respectively. The phaser and dry signals can also mix individually post or pre fuzz. The possibilities for experimenting are endless. Don't be scared, The Thing is ready to play.