The Knights Who Say Wah

$150.00 / On Sale

- 9V ONLY center-negative DC power jack
- Input Impedance: 1Mohms
- Output Impedance: 100ohms
- True Bypass Switching
- Handmade in the U.S.

Wah? Wah. Lots of wah. The Knights Who Say Wah is an autowah pedal with a full suite of lfo controls and tap tempo. Must I say more? It's plain silly.


Resonance: Changes the width of the frequency focus from wide to narrow
Mix: Changes the ratio of clean and wah signal from no wah to all wah
Rate: Changes the rate of the autowah sweep. This is overridden by the tap tempo when activated
Depth: Controls the range of the sweep.
Waveform: There are 8 waveforms available. Ramp down, square, triangle, sine, sweep, stepped, random, and ramp up.
Offset: Has no affect when depth is maxed. Changes the center of the lfo. This can also be useful for creating a set, cocked wah sound with the depth all the way down.