Monk Compresor

$120.00 / Sold Out

- Power: 9V center-negative power supply
- Input Impedance: 1MΩ
- Output Impedance: 100Ω
- True Bypass Switching
- Top mounted jacks
- Controls: Treble, Bass, Level, Ratio, and Drive
- Handmade in Dundee Michigan


The first pedal in the Class Series is the Monk Compressor. Monks are characterized by their raw fighting style using only their body and the magic that flows throughout it. This compressor will allow your guitar or bass express its true self by expertly harnessing the power within. Its optical heart produces a natural response that may make it feel like it's not on at all. Your tone has been enlightened. Alongside the standard compressor features, a two band equalizer creates flexibility by cutting any unwanted frequencies. The drive switch is where the magic happens. When engaged the compressor turns into a hyper responsive overdrive that may just be that "always on" sound you've been looking for.


High Kick - Treble - Cuts higher frequencies
Low Kick - Bass - Cuts lower frequencies
Ascension - Ratio - Controls the amount of compression and gain in the circuit
Ki - Drive - Up position engages overdrive mode
Holiness - Level - Master volume control