Lord Soth

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- 9V center-negative DC power jack
- Input Impedance: 1Mohms
- Output Impedance: 100ohms
- True Bypass Switching
- Hand Soldered by Bardic Audio Devices and Etched by Deathfly Effects

Due to the etching process, each pedal looks slightly different. Please keep that in mind while ordering.

Lord Soth is a collaboration between Bardic Audio Devices and DeathFly Effects.
We started off with the idea of making the most crushing Orc slaying pedal we could so after summoning the power of Grey Skull and a roll of the 12-sided dice we decided on a cascaded LM386 op amp circuit, from there we added a gain, tone, mid control section and a tone cap switch. Taking it step further (as we both play bass) a clean blend and finally a JFET tube emulation boost. The result was Lord Soth, what we would describe to you as a drivestortion heavy enough to lay waste to the ears of the masses!

Controls are:
Sword: This is your bypass, it kicks in the dirty.
Sheild: This turns on the Jfet boost.
Tone: flank right for the bright, flank left for some darkness!
Mids: Who doesn’t like to be able to add more or less mids!
Boost: Controls the level, this is a tube emulation boost so more to the right more of that devastating breakup
Blend: This blends the clean signal into the mix
1E, 3.5E, 5E: This is your tone cap switch, it works best when the tone dial is in the 11 to 4 range! Flick it up, the middle or down to change the tonal scape!!
Internal Trim Pot: Inside your pedal there is a magical little trim pot that controls the bias of the JFET, It will come preset all the way to the left, adjust it to suit your tastes, you can get some crazy velrco to straight out distorted style tones from turning this little sucker!

PCB boards are professionally manufactured and use high quality SMD components!

Etched enclosures for a unique handmade pedal.

If you should ever have any issues, please contact either Tim ([email protected]) Or Trevor ([email protected])