Goblin Fuzz

$90.00 / Sold Out

- 9V center-negative DC power jack
- Input Impedance: 1MΩ
- Output Impedance: 100Ω
- Controls: Distortion Gain (Horde), Fuzz Gain (Death)
- Soft-touch True Bypass Switching
- Handmade in Dundee Michigan

Goblins are common, nasty creatures that only have one purpose, destruction. The Goblin Fuzz destroys your audio signal and spits out a nasty mess. The horde knob controls the gain for the initial gain stage. The death knob controls the gain for the secondary gain stage. When Horde is cranked and death is down, there is a full blown distortion. It's great for chords and bass. If both knobs are dimed, you lose control of your Goblin. The Goblin decides what to do with your signal. When the death knob cranked and horde is down, The Goblin loses its mass and turns into a gated mess. Oh and have I mentioned that there is no master volume control? Why would you need that?!?! If you're creating devastating sounds, then there is no need to turn down volume! Go all out!!! That being said, the volume is loud, but is not unreasonable and can easily be tamed with a gain knob of a following pedal or amp.