Fuzz Ration

$100.00 / Sold Out

- 9V - 18V center-negative DC power jack
- Input Impedance: 1Mohms
- Output Impedance: 100ohms
- Controls: Master Volume
- True Bypass Switching
- Handmade in Michigan

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No matter your experience level or gear situation, we're all on a constant journey to find new sounds that inspire us. You may set out for a specific goal, but find something new and exciting along that journey. A long journey requires supplies, and the Fuzz Ration is here to help. Inside is all the fuzz one needs to fight off enemies like burnout and "clean tone". The fuzz is provided by two BC108 metal can transistors. The high end is smoothed out and the low end is there to shake the world around you. A simple ration of fuzz may not always seem appropriate, but it may come handy when you least expect it.