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- Power: 9V center-negative power supply
- Input Impedance: 1MΩ
- Output Impedance: 100Ω
- True Bypass Switching
- Top mounted jacks
- Handmade in Dundee Michigan


The Armistice is my love letter to the civil war big muff. The circuit is exactly the same up to the tone control. This tone control brings mods in and out of the signal. It's a much more useful tone control imo. Internally, there is a trim for the traditional tone control if you fancy that. Speaking of internally, I went all out with the mojo. The signal path is made completely of military grade resistors, red film caps, and NOS transistors used in the original civil war. The power section has been updated for additional circuit protection and lower noise operation. Externally, is a custom black with purple paint job with misting on the sides. With these specs, the Armistice is ready to be thrown off bleachers and stomped on to hell.