Doom Kush - Pre-order

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- 9-18V center-negative DC power jack
- Input Impedance: 1Mohms
- Output Impedance: 100ohms
- True Bypass Relay Switching
- Handmade in Michigan
- Guaranteed to Doom

This preorder will ship out by 4/23/21

Happy 4/20. It's time to toke up, but it looks like your 4-12 stringed buddy is feeling left out. Somebody should really make a strain of weed that effects our sober musical buddies. Wait a minute! After years of crossing strains and testing, Bardic Audio Devices has finally done it. Introducing the first strain guaranteed to give your guitar/bass the tone munchies. Doom Kush is a cross between the famous HM-2 and Sunn Beta strains. In its DNA you can find the drive section of the HM-2 paired with the active eq of the Sunn Beta Bass/Lead. Mix in a boosted clean blend, and bingo bongo, your electric friend is flying high. This strain is limited to five units in either its lead or bass form.


BYPASS: Turns on/off the pedal
420: Turns on/off the HM-2 distortion
LEVEL: Clean level control with an available 20dB of boost
EQ: Determines whether the clean signal runs through the eq or remains unaffected by the eq.
HIT: Volume control for the HM-2
THC: Gain control for the HM-2
HI: Treble eq control
COUCH: Bass eq control
SUPPLY: Master eq volume. Does not affect clean signal if clean signal bypasses eq.
KIEF: Treble frequency control
SNACKS: Bass frequency control
BUD: Middle eq control