Brother of Sunlight

$200.00 / Sold Out

- 9V ONLY center-negative DC power jack
- Input Impedance: 1Mohms
- Output Impedance: 100ohms
- Balanced Direct XLR Output
- Class-A JFET buffered bypass
- Noiseless switching
- Handmade in Michigan


The Brother of Sunlight started as a Sunn Beta Bass clone, but has evolved into something new. The classic distortion is narly as hell and the expanded eq offers a wide range of tonal possibilities. With the addition of a clean Channel, the Brother of Sunlight becomes a great bass preamp.


Pre - Dirt Channel volume pre-eq
Drive - Gain of the Dirt Channel
Hi - Treble boost/cut control
Low - Bass boost/cut control
Post - Master volume for the eq section
Post/Pre - Changes the mix location of the Clean Channel from pre-eq to post-eq. In post-eq mode, the Clean Channel bypasses the Post control
Clean - Volume control for Clean Channel with 20dB of boost available
Hi Freq - Changes the upper shelving frequency of the Hi control from 4.8KHz to 1KHz
Low Freq - Changes the lower shelving frequency of the Low control from 330Hz to 100Hz
Mids - Mid boost/cut control